We started a rebranding project for Ukrptahoservice with the decision to link further communication of the company with the personal brand of the founder — Natalia Shmigelska, so we have a naming — Fudmama.
It is about a very special feeling — support, care and responsibility. Foodmama creates the home universe.
It feeds everyone, delicious, high quality, convenient and fast.
We created a logo with an unusual shape of the letter "m", which became a graphic symbol of the Foods, which is both gentle and friendly, and strong.

Another element of identity is the food unit. It reflects the shape in which we usually see food — a round plate. Or all the food that has the shape of a circle: the perfect cutlet, chicken thigh or cherry pie — whichever you prefer.

The best thing about food units, of course, is that they are alive and restless, fill the necessary space and follow the laws of physics.

Food units can be in three different colors, denoting a separate area of activity Foods: yellow (chilled fresh meat), green (chilled fresh meat, semi-ready to eat) and salmon (lunch boxes, ready to eat).
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